Shock absorber K45 for commercial vehicles

The shock absorber product line K45 is a system designed for commercial vehicles with a large mass. Its properties are identical with those of the K40 system but its maximum damping force exceeds substantially the former, therefore it can be recommended primarily for heavy duty trucks and vehicles 

Key features:

  • Damping force adjustable in a wide range
  • Damping force adjustable irrespective of the direction of stress
  • Mountable, recyclable design
  • No metallic contact between friction elements
  • Increased amount of oil for efficiency
  • Special closure and sealing system for the shock absorber
  • Custom built valve design developed by Kárászy Kft.

The K45 system is basically identical with the K40 system, but due to its larger diameter a lot greater dampening force can be achieved by it in pulling direction. This is how it provides an optimum running stability and quality to large mass power vehicles such as power machines, large coaches, trailer trucks etc.  

Engineering details:

Maximum damping force (in pulling direction) at a speed of 0.52 m/s: 12 kN

Size of the anti-dust gooseneck / shock absorber casing: Ø 72 mm / Ø 60 mm