KÁRÁSZY KFT - Founded:1872


The new manufacturing plant is built and environmentally friendly, green technologies and automated & robotic test and manufacturing equipment are installed.



Kárászy completed the development and testing of the entire portfolio of the bus and heavy-duty vehicle shock absorbers. The ranges K40, K45 and K50 are established.



The brand name KARSUS has been established. Subsequently, the R&D of the entire portfolio of railway shock absorbers completed. Kárászy established seven different product families that serve the railway industry to fulfill each and every demand.



The R&D of high-speed rail car shock absorbers begins for primary, secondary and anti-wobble locations.



The small and medium batch manufacturing of railway shock absorbers begun under the KÁRÁSZY brand name. By 2008, Kárászy was capable of supplying railway shock absorber demand in Hungary.



Development and manufacturing of the first railway shock absorber series for MÁV (Hungarian State Railway). The small and medium series manufacturing of railway shock absorbers commences under the brand name KÁRÁSZY.



Elaboration of the technology for recycling various railway shock absorbers and establishment of the Kárászy railway division.



Small and medium batch shock absorber manufacturing started for passenger cars and various commercial vehicles. We established a business for shock absorbers recycling mainly for passenger cars and various commercial vehicles. Kárászy became a distributor and official sales point for sales of different shock absorbers brands.


Kárászy brothers start refurbishing shock absorbers for passenger cars. This was a rare and unique service in Hungary at the time, as new shock absorbers were completely unavailable.



The second generation of the Kárászy family was already engaged in the business of forging springs for horse carts and later for passenger cars and utility vehicles.