About us

The KARSUS (Kárászy Suspension) name came along after 150 years of existence and experience of KÁRÁSZY Company in the field of shock absorbers. Recycling has always been a fundamental criterion in the designing of KARSUS shock absorbers. We pay the greatest attention to environmental protection and the application of green technologies in the manufacturing process.  

KARSUS shock absorbers are designed for rail cars, locomotives, trucks, and buses. All ranges of products are designed and developed by Kárászy Co.’s experience, knowledge and engineering capacity. Our products can meet any demands that may arise in the field; a custom design, regional product adaptations and tests, prototype support, small or large series production. Decide it, dream it, and Kárászy makes it real!

Our R&D projects are supported and granted by various EU and local authorities. Environmental protection is Kárászy’s essential values. We aimed to reduce the quantities of solid waste deposited in landfills. Kárászy shock absorbers are made from sustainable and recyclable materials, while waste is reduced through recycling. Besides, we apply environmentally friendly manufacturing systems for producing shock absorbers. What is more, each KARSUS shock absorbers can be operated with extensive functions as long as 25-30 years throughout the vehicle’s lifetime.

Our company has strong cooperation with prestigious universities on an international scale for years and takes an active part in advancing the engineering science and technology in Hungary. Thanks to this remarkable company tradition since 1872, we now have a team of highly qualified engineers who empower us to develop and manufacture high-performance shock absorbers.

Nowadays, Kárászy Co. has become the largest shock absorber manufacturer in Central Europe. Innovation and value-adding partnerships are fundamental values of Kárászy’s mission statement. Kárászy Co. products and engineering services meet global customer’s requirements with complete satisfaction from Europe to Asia to Africa to America with the best quality and robust cooperation.

Kárászy’s international team is at the disposal of our customers globally.

We continuously strive to ensure whoever travels by a vehicle equipped with KARSUS shock absorbers can get home comfortably and safely anywhere and anytime.


KARSUS – “Taylor-made safety”